/ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\ Karano *Collab Model* /ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\

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/ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\ Karano *Collab Model* /ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\

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My first model again after agessss! I hope you like her!

Please Rate her when buying. <3

Amazing Collab with:

Check out their Models too!


- Fully set up 3.0 and Physbones

- Full-Body ready

- Disable Locomotion Button

- Custom Facial Expressions

- NSFW Body + Texture + Toggles

/ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\Interaction Features/ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\

- Ass Slap (Handprint appears when ass is slapped)

- "On/Off" Toggle (Shut Down/Color removal when Button on neck is pressed)

- Headpat (Triggers Cute Facial Expression)


- Phys-Bones: Hair, Breasts, Ass, Earring, Tail

- Phys-Bone-Colliders: Legs and Hip to prevent Tail Clipping


- Dissolve Toggle: Bodysuit, Pants, Ears, Tail


- Base by Pandaabear#9873 edited and partly rerigged by me

- Head by Sugs#9795 edited by me 

- Locomotion Fix by Wetcat#6969 

- NSFW Female Parts made by Zevvy#0021 and No Fox Given#7901

- Commercial use alphas on ArtStation: 1, 2, 3

- Mask and Clan Symbol Tattoo by Grey#6666

Everything else made by me from scratch!

Thank you so much BlurryVision#3636 for the unity help <3

/ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\Terms of Use/ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\

By buying this you agree to the Terms of Use

- You are not allowed to resell this Avatar

- You are not allowed to make it public

- You are not allowed to share any files of this Avatar for Free

- You are allowed to make private edits of this avatar

- You are allowed to use this Avatar for streaming

- You are allowed to use this Avatar for R-18 purposes

- You always need to credit me

- Dont use any Assets from this avatar for your own avatars

- Dont use the Tatoos/Body Texture in any way!

- I am not responsible for any harm or losses caused by the use of my model

- If you break these Rules will result in legal actions against you!

- The Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice. You are deemed to agree to the latest version of the Terms of Service

/ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\How to use Version/ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\

- Use 2019.4.31 Unity!

- Import the PoiyomiToon Shader (includet in the downloads)

- Import the VRChat SDK (includet in the downloads)

- Import the "Karano by Eggly69" Package

- Drag the prefab in the scene/Open the open me

- Upload!

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.
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