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Thank you, for your Support!

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The picture is a Render! Blender materials, and a black and white HDRI were used for showcase!

With this i just wanted to say thank you so much! For all of the people who have Supported me over the years. In 3 Days from releasing this i have my Birthday and i can celebrate it happy and how i always dreamed. This is also thank you to everyone who brought something of this gumroad an joined me on discord.
So here is my present for you Guys! Thank you, for everything<3



- PBR-Textures

- Clean Quad Topology

Everything else made by me from scratch!

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- You are not allowed to resell this Asset on its own

- You are not allowed to use this Asset on Public or Free models. (If you still want please contact me on Discord)

- You are not allowed to share any files of this Asset for Free also not if its on an Avatar

- You may use it for your own private Avatars

- You may use it on your own Avatars for Selling

- You are allowed to use this Asset for streaming

- You always need to credit me (Eggly69#6969)

- I am not responsible for any harm or losses caused by the use of my Asset

- If you fail to follow my TOS it will result in legal actions against you!

- The Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice. You are deemed to agree to the latest version of the Terms of Service

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Thank you, for your Support!

91 ratings
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