Karano´s Outfit *Commercial License*

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The picture is a Render! Blender materials, and a black and white HDRI were used for showcase!

For more Pictures check out Karano


- Rigged FBX

- Rigged and Fitted to an edited Version of Pandabears Base

- PBR-Texture

- Clean Quad Topology

Does not include:

- The Head and the Base

- Commercial use alphas on ArtStation: 1, 2, 3

Everything else made by me from scratch!

Terms of Use:

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- You are not allowed to resell this Asset on its own

- You are not allowed to use this Asset on Public or Free models. (If you still want please contact me on Discord)

- You are not allowed to share any files of this Asset for Free also not if its on an Avatar

- You may use it for your own private Avatars

- You may use it on your own Avatars for Selling

- You are allowed to use this Asset for streaming

- You always need to credit me (Eggly69#6969)

- I am not responsible for any harm or losses caused by the use of my Asset

- If you fail to follow my TOS it will result in legal actions against you!

- The Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice. You are deemed to agree to the latest version of the Terms of Service

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Tris (Bodysuit)
Tris (LegParts and Pants)
Materials (Bodysuit)
Materials (LegParts and Pants)


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